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True Craft Coffee

Peru SHB "Silky Delight"

One of the best Peruvian Arabica. The coffee is delicate and very well-balanced with noticeable notes of nuts, chocolate and sweet citrus.

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  • More about Peru SHB Coffee:

    Roast: Medium
    Medium (city/city+) roasting is our roaster's standard level of coffee roasting. You can still feel the original aroma of the coffee, but the longer roasting process gives the coffee a deeper flavor.

    Process: washed
    A process describes how farmers separate the coffee bean from the coffee cherry. Washed processing guarantees the purity of flavor.

    Harvest time: June - August
    Altitude: 1,500 m above sea level

    Perfect for a coffee maker and French press. It is popular to use Peruvian coffees in espresso blends, giving slightly more light flavors, balancing the heavier notes from Asia or Brazil, but not too much to the fore.

  • More about Chanchamayo, Peru:

    Our Peruvian coffee comes from the province of Chanchamayo, located in central Peru. It is mainly grown by local Yanesha Indians, and the coffee is processed only by the washed method and stored in a cooperative (a cooperative run by farmers) in the city of La Merced.

    As much as 98% of Peruvian coffee is grown in wooded areas, and most of the farms are small-scale farmers, with less than 2 hectares of land and producing no more than 1,500 kg of coffee per year. Much of Peruvian coffee is sold as an organic product.

    Thanks to the development of cooperatives supporting the cultivation of high-class coffees at a price appropriate for growers, Peru has recently become a world-renowned specialty coffee supplier. Significant differences in climate and altitude in the country allow for acquiring interesting and varied grains depending on the cultivation area.

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