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True Craft Coffee

Ethiopia Sidamo "Spicy Romance"

A famous Ethiopian coffee with a pleasant, spicy aroma and full-flavour reminiscent of blueberry fruit, sweet caramel and milk chocolate.

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  • More about Ethiopia Sidamo Coffee:

    Roast: Medium
    Medium roast coffees have a balanced level of acidity. In this degree of roasting, the natural flavor of the coffee is more robust, creating the perfect balance between the acidity and the flavor notes of a given variety.

    Process: fully washed
    Farmers harvest coffee by hand and then wet-process.

    Harvest time: October - December
    Altitude: ~1800 m above sea level

    Did you know? In Ethiopia, the Sidamo region only grows Arabica coffee. Coffee from the Sidamo region is one of the most popular coffees in the world, appreciated by connoisseurs for its variety of flavors. Up to 90% of the harvest comes from small farms (less than 5 hectares), and coffee grew wild.

  • More about the Sidamo region, Ethiopia:

    The region of Sidamo, south of the capital of Ethiopia - Addis Ababa, is the home of wild coffee trees. Ethiopian Sidamo Heirloom is the Ethiopian heritage of the noblest, ancient varieties from natural coffee forests. Wild Ethiopian coffee from a natural environment is the homeland and birthplace of Arabica.

    The Sidamo region is known for its excellent climate conditions for growing coffee, thanks to its location above 1700 meters above sea level, heavy rainfall, optimal temperature, and rich soil.

    Ethiopia currently ranks 5th in terms of coffee production in the world. Its share in the world coffee market is nearly 5%.

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