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Colombia Supremo "Sweet Dragonfly"

Coffee from the Medellín, in Antioquia region in the Colombian Andes, which provides excellent conditions for growing - an altitude of about 1500 m above sea level and average temperatures between 17 and 24 ° C. This is where the best Colombian coffee beans come from. Colombia Supremo is characterised by a large, even grain with a sweet, caramel flavour with notes of forest fruit and a delicate chocolate finish.

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  • More about Colombia Supremo Coffee:

    Roast: Medium
    Medium roast coffees are slightly darker in color than light roasted coffees and look much nicer. By medium roasting, we add the taste of caramel, forest fruit, and a delicate touch of chocolate to Colombia Supremo coffee.

    Process: washed
    The coffee is harvested by hand and then wet-processed.

    Harvest time: May - September
    Altitude: 1,200 - 2,000 m above sea level

  • More about Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia:

    Our "Sweet Dragonfly" Colombia Supremo is a Colombian coffee that grows on different plantations in one area - Antioquia - located northwest of Colombia, bordered by the Caribbean Sea and Uraba Bay. The central city of this region is the Medellin.

    The main harvest of coffees in Antioquia occurs between April and December, and the second, slightly smaller harvest lasts on average from December to January. Our farmers harvest coffee for us during May and September to deliver the best coffee beans, full of flavor but not overgrown. All cherries are harvested by hand, then crushed and washed on site on farms.

    It is worth remembering that Colombia as a country is the third exporter of coffee in the world. However, thanks to the organization of the FNC (Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros) and the government's efforts, the growers' coffee is of high quality. For these reasons, Cup of Excellence competitions is held in Colombia, as in El Salvador, where auction prices exceed the market prices several times.

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